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Man reviewing paperwork on clipboard

Money management

Auto mechanic looking under the hood of a car

Payments & processing

6 ways auto repair shops can ease bookkeeping, accounting, and payments

Bookkeeping may not exactly rev your engine, but it’s a big part of ... Read more
Mobile payment on Clover Mini at flower shop

Payments & processing

PYMNTS: Small businesses turn to platforms to simplify payment operations

In a collaboration with American Express, asks Andrea Gellert, head of marketing ... Read more
Woman looking at laptop


Experian vs. Equifax vs. TransUnion credit reports: What are the differences?

Discover how your credit score can differ when looking at reports from the ... Read more

Running your business

Tax return and receipt


16 ways business owners can save on taxes

We’ve rounded up 16 deductions, credits, and incentives small business owners may be ... Read more
Hands typing on laptop


Need to set up online ordering fast? Here’s how.

With Clover Online Ordering, your customers order take-out or delivery meals easily using ... Read more
Clover Go and mobile phone


Mobile credit card processing for Android & iPhone

As a business owner, you can begin accepting credit cards anytime and anywhere ... Read more
One-hundred dollar bill

Money management

Need cash quickly? Try Clover Rapid Deposit

Make your money work for you with Clover Rapid Deposit. Get your funds ... Read more
Stacks of books

Biz ops

How to declutter your small business operations

Decluttering: it’s not just for your kitchen cabinets. Streamline your business by following ... Read more
Shopping cart icon on tablet


You need e-commerce more than ever. Here’s how to do it right.

It’s one thing to create an e-commerce site. Creating a dynamic, elegant, and ... Read more
Woman holding credit card


Payment gateway vs. payment processor: what is the difference?

Let’s start here: There are four parties involved with every credit card transaction: ... Read more
Woman touching POS system

Clover app partners

Keep your customers engaged with Feedback and Rewards

As we outlined in the first segment of this two-part series, customer engagement ... Read more

Meet the Merchant

Owner of Vertrauen Consulting with his client

Meet the Merchant

Merchants who use Clover to run their food and beverage businesses

Meet the Merchant

Real-world ways Clover helps food & bev businesses run better, faster & more profitably [8 ways]

Running a business that serves food requires a lot more than culinary expertise. ... Read more
Engine with custom install by Boss Custom

Meet the Merchant

Boss Custom

As the proprietor of Boss Custom, an auto restoration business in rural Nevada, ... Read more
Flags at front door of Irish American Heritage Museum

Meet the Merchant

The Irish American Heritage Museum

The Irish American Heritage Museum in Albany, NY, illuminates the rich cultural contributions ... Read more

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Peek under the POS hood

Want to know how to choose a POS system? Ever wonder how payment processing really works? Our guides answer more questions than you ever thought you could ask. Add these morsels of wisdom to your digital library!

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Staff cooking in restaurant commercial kitchen

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

Simple restaurant kitchen layout ideas to help back of house run easier

Even a simple restaurant kitchen layout can have a major impact. See how ... Read more
Person scanning QR code on Clover POS

Payments & processing

5 payment technology trends to watch in 2023

In 2023, customers will continue to demand more ways to pay: from buy ... Read more
Restaurant server carrying entrees

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

The 10 best non-slip restaurant work shoes for chefs and servers

Uniforms aren’t just about having the right chef’s coat or the proper pants ... Read more
QR code ordering for restaurants from Tabski

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

Adding QR code ordering to your Clover POS [5 benefits]

For many restaurants, QR code ordering has been a game-changer with staying power. ... Read more
Nursery owner looking up price on Clover Flex


The ultimate guide to pricing strategy for new businesses

When setting initial prices for products and services, most business owners choose a ... Read more
Tables and chairs in a restaurant

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

What to know about leasing a restaurant space

There’s a lot of thought and legwork that goes into leasing a restaurant. ... Read more
Woman typing email on laptop


How to do email marketing for small businesses right [7 tips]

Check out our article to learn the tips, tricks, and tools you can ... Read more
Restaurant owner working on laptop

Full Service Restaurants (FSR)

Average restaurant owner salary in 2022

Restaurant owner salary amounts can vary dramatically based on factors such as type ... Read more

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How Your Small Business Will Benefit from a Gift Card Program

Learn about the many benefits of a gift card program for your business.

(Live webcast recorded 9/29)

Stay in Control of Your Business Finances with Bookkeeping Basics

Learn from a small business bookkeeping and accounting expert how to stay in control of your business finances and move your business forward.

(Live webcast recorded 6/2/22)