5 awesome Clover apps every bar needs

Editorial Team

2 min read
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Running a bar is no easy feat, especially if you aspire to differentiate yourself from the mounting competition. Bars and restaurants require innovation to stay in business. The secret ingredient to running a successful bar is more than just good drinks—you need good customer service, incentives, and management to keep even a well-oiled machine running.

As a merchant, there are a number of pain points to address especially if you have heavy foot traffic (and we hope you do!). Clover can help take your business to the next level with amazing apps to integrate into your workflow and customer service. Here are five Clover apps to get you started in managing the bar of your dreams.

Bar Tab Auths

If your bar patron is ordering aggressively and you worry whether (s)he can afford the tab, this app has you covered. Bar Tab Auths lets you know if there are sufficient funds on a credit card before charging the final amount.

Happy Hour

As the saying goes, it’s always happy hour somewhere, and with this app you can do it right. Happy Hour allows you to manage discounts for categories of items depending on the time and days of the week.

Clover Dining

This app is the digital manager you never knew you needed, but always wanted. Create the vision of your perfect bar by customizing floor plans, managing bar tabs with ease, communicating with your kitchen and floor staff all through an intuitive interface. This gives you more time to focus on building a profitable business.

Clover Rewards

Grow your clientele by creating incentives that keeps them coming back for more! With this app you can transform first-time visitors into regulars by creating a custom loyalty program specific to your bar.

Split Pay & Tips

With this app, organizing different breakdowns of payment and tip disbursement has never been easier. You can easily separate tickets on one bar tab so customers only pay for what they ordered. But it’s also easy to manage appropriate tip splitting so that your behind-the-scenes team benefits from their hard work.

Don’t forget that the best way to navigate a busy bar and keep orders accurate and easy is with a Clover Flex in your hands.