A Faster, Smarter Way to Manage Your Return Policy

September 14, 2016

One of the most overlooked ways to boost sales is to have a clear and easy return policy. That’s right: According to a study of more than 5,000 consumers, 67% reviewed the return policy before making the decision to buy. This may explain why the average cart abandon rate varies between 60 and 80%: Before making even small purchases, most customers will review the return policy to make sure they won’t get stuck with items that don’t work out. Yet, until now posting a policy was a bit of a hassle requiring a separate page or updating your business information page. Clover Online Store has just released an upgrade that makes creating and updating return policies easy.

Here are 3 reasons to review your return policy today:

  • Improve visibility. Give them what they are looking for: with the new upgrade, your policy will appear in the footer of every page—right were customers expect to find it.
  • Build trust. Business 2 Business reports that as many as 30% of purchases are eventually returned. With the new upgrade you’ll be walked through all the elements of a carefully-constructed return policy. The policy will be automatically generated in clear and transparent language so there are no surprises or irate customers later.
  • Inspire loyalty. In a related study 90% of consumers said they would purchase from the same store if returns were easy. Every transaction builds a relationship with customers: Make sure your policy inspires loyalty with clear language and visibility on every page.

Ready to get started? Clover Online Store’s return policy tool makes it easy:

  • Log into your Clover account.
  • Click the Clover Online Store application to launch the app.
  • Scroll over to the “Store Settings” section of the Clover Online Store dashboard.
  • Scroll to the “Set Up Refund Policy” section and select “Review.”
  • Select either “No returns or refunds, all sales are final,” or “I want to create refund policy” and hit save.
  • Follow the prompts to fill in details of your policy and click “save.”
  • To view the new return policy, visit your homepage and click on the link in the footer: “Shipping, Refund and Contact Information.”

Crafting and posting a clear return policy is only the first step: Make sure the actual process of returning items is as painless as possible. Retailers like Amazon and Zappos have made free and easy returns the norm, so keep that in mind when crafting your policy: 80% of consumers report they won’t shop at a store if returns are a hassle and 77% expect free returns.

Clover is not just a POS system—we’ve got everything you need to improve sales and create a professional image. Check out the Clover App Market for more ideas.

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