6 Awesome Clover Apps Every Salon Needs

January 29, 2018

According to Professional Consultants & Resources, the salon industry grew more than 3 percent last year. Competition is fierce, and customers have endless choices. Clover makes it easy to stand out from the crowd with these unique apps that work seamlessly with your Clover POS system.

1. Remember every client.

Build relationships with your customers by showing them you remember their preferences. Clover’s Salon Scheduler not only lets you schedule customers with ease, it has a Customer Journal with an instant view of their past appointments so you can remember who did their hair last time and what they like.

2. Enroll in killer loyalty programs instantly.

Customer Connect Rewards lets you look up customers by name, phone or email or enroll them right at the cash register. No more slowing down checkout with painful paperwork!

3. Offer branded gift cards.

You can use your Clover POS system to apply the value of a gift card to a customer’s purchase, check card balances and reload it as often as you wish with the eCard Gift Card app.

4. Offer something special—just for them.

Automatic Marketing helps you create custom offers for your best customers like a free service on their birthday. You can also use it to re-engage with customers who haven’t come in recently to entice them to come back. Best of all, you can send these offers automatically without a lot of effort to set it up.

5. Make it an experience.

Offer a special for the entire bridal party—not just the bride, kick off a bachelorette party with a Blow-Out Special, or celebrate a new mother with a New Mom Spa Getaway. Offering unique experience allows you to differentiate your spa as “the place to go” for that perfect gift or to treat someone to a luxurious day at the spa, and Bundle Discounts makes combining services for at special prices a breeze.

6. Reduce the wait time.

Don’t make walk-ins sit around and wait: Waitlist Me sends text and phone call notifications to alert customers when it’s their turn, so they can step out for a quick errand instead of sitting in the lounge.

Clover is not just a POS system—we’ve got everything you need to grow sales and make your business stronger. Check out the Clover App Market for more ideas.

[image: relaxing hair wash by smalljude on flickr]