4 employee empowerment strategies you can try tomorrow

July 31, 2017

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Employees are one of the single most important resources a business has, and small businesses have every reason to be mindful about creating an environment that encourages employee success.

Reams of research demonstrate that setting employees up for success makes sense (and dollars) for businesses. That’s because when the people who help a business run are empowered and well-managed, they will become better problem-solvers, more effective sources of useful feedback and provide better customer service.

Clover’s complimentary webinar is a 20-minute session offered in collaboration with employee scheduling and management app Homebase. Attendees will learn tactics for increasing employee happiness that they can start trying almost immediately. Clover is happy to welcome Carol Wood, Director of People Operations at Homebase and former head of human resources at Fuddruckers, who gives businesses sensible and affordable tactics that can help them achieve a boost in employee performance they’ll be able to see–and measure.

Topic: Better Business: 4 Employee Empowerment Strategies You Can Try Tomorrow
Presenter: Carol Wood, Director of People Operations, Homebase
Time: On demand
Duration: 20 minutes