How to open a coffee shop successfully: A concise guide

April 24, 2018

Starting up a coffee shop takes a unique combination of entrepreneurial know-how and deep knowledge of coffee culture. This curated guide takes the best of the web on how to start a business, make a business plan, and open a successful coffee shop business.

How to Start a Business: Opening a Coffee Shop

Coffee isn’t a drink, it’s a passion. Coffee startups need to carefully navigate the trends of what’s popular now while still meeting their business objectives. Here is some powerful advice on how to start a business including insider tips from coffee startup owners.

How to Make a Business Plan: Coffee Shop Business Plans

Making a business plan helps you flesh out the details of your strategy and is a crucial step for starting up your small business. Business plans are often required for financing because they demonstrate that entrepreneurs have fully researched their business and are ready to tackle the most common obstacles to success. Here we’re including our favorite links on how to write a business plan along with sample business plans specifically for coffee shops.

Opening a Café: Finding the Right Concept and Location

Atmosphere can make or break your coffee shop. It’s more than just finding a location that gets good foot traffic—it’s about creating a coffee culture that is memorable and makes people yearn to come back. Here are some truly creative ways to stand out taken from around the world.

How to Start a Café Successfully: Planning

Before getting started, carefully research what it takes to create a successful coffee shop. Talk to other café owners, learn as much as possible about the demographics of your location, and immerse yourself in the local coffee culture.

Costs of Starting Up a Coffee Shop Business

Before opening up your café, make sure you have a firm grasp of all the costs and your likely profits. If you require financing, your business plan will come in handy.

Coffee Startup Ideas: What to Offer

Your customers can buy coffee from anywhere. One of the best ways to stand out in the marketplace is to offer memorable treats along with your coffee. Here’s some great advice on expanding your offerings, creating a menu that stands out, and moving perishable foods before they go stale.

Advertising a Coffee Shop Business: A Collection of More than 70 Ideas

Now that you have a plan for your coffee shop, it’s time to get customers in the door. Here are some great ideas for attracting customers during slower periods.

Promoting Loyalty to Your Coffee Shop Business

Regulars are the lifeblood of a coffee shop’s business, and loyalty programs can increase business up to 20%. Make sure your coffee loyalty perks bring them back.

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