10 Stats That Will Inspire You To Venture Beyond Your Restaurant Counter [on-demand webinar]

September 26, 2017

Learn why you should venture beyond your countertop. Now available on demand!

The counter or central point-of-sale terminal is an anchor piece of real estate in all types of restaurants, from corner cafes to full-service locations.

But given present-day consumer expectations and behaviors–both those brought about by new technologies and those that have stood the test of the time–restaurant managers should think more holistically about how they use space to increase revenue, maximize operational efficiency and/or boost customer satisfaction. Technology, and in particular mobile point-of-sale technology, makes this more possible than ever.

In our free upcoming webinar, join the Clover team to learn ten essential facts and statistics about everything from the science of lines, to restaurant margins, to the explosion of food trucks that will inspire you to think about how you can maximize the space in your location, and beyond.

Topic: 10 Stats That Will Inspire You to Venture Beyond Your Restaurant Counter

Presenter: James Daley – Director, Product Management & FSR Strategy, First Data

Duration: 10 minutes

Time: On demand

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10 Stats That Will Inspire You to Venture Beyond Your Restaurant Counter

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